Født 30. April 2014 - 2 hanner og 3 tisper etter:

Dalnews Csak Chanel "Tessi"

Hvit/sort - HD A

Perdita's As Time Goes By "Noa"

Hvit/sort - HD A


Dalnews Gondol Gibson "Gibson" - Hvit/sort - HD A - AD 0

Dalnews Gondol Gordon "Spike" - Hvit/sort


Dalnews Gondol Gabi "Melis" - Hvit/sort - HD A

Dalnews Gondol Gucci "Jade" - Hvit/sort

Dalnews Gondol Grace "Lexie" - Hvit/lever - HD B

G-Kullet's Stamtavle:




Nuch Perdita's Right On Time

N S uch Perdita's Counterstrike

Perdita's As Time Goes By

Perdita's Dotty Design

Nuch Perdita's Did It Again

Multi ch Jilloc's A Man In The Mirror

Perdita's Inter Action

Nuch Dalmo's Evita

Int Nord uch Dalmo's Aragon The First

Dalnews Csak Chanel

Nuch Dalmo's Viva La Bamba

Int S D uch Ridotto Napoleone

Nuch Spotnik's Quick Quakery

Such Ridotto Filomena

Dalnews Gondol Gibson

Dalnews Gondol Gabi

Dalnews Gondol Grace

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